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Screen cleaning balls

Balls for continuous screening without interruptions.
Products with outstanding wear resistance, active cleaning and deblinding.
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Detectable weighted balls in Neoprene (CR)

Balls with a small detectable metal ball in the inside.
Product description

Arubis rubber balls can be ordered with or without a metal core. A small metal insert can be placed inside the rubber compound to make it a metal detectable ball. Another function of rubber balls with steel core is to have random bounces. These balls with metal insert are commonly used to clean parts in the sifting industry normal balls can’t reach.

  • Can be metal detectable
  • Used for random bounces
  • Custom diameters on demand
Balls with metal core

Arubis provides metal detectable balls with a metal insert, often referred to as detectable sifter cleaning balls for most sifting applications. These magnetic balls with metal core will prevent sifter screens from clogging.

Balls for random bouncing

Deblinding balls can be produced on demand and in any kind of shape. Standard production includes parallellepipidum balls and special egg form balls. These balls have an uneven shape and will bounce at random therefore reaching regions in the mesh which normal round balls would fail to get. Balls with a metal insert can also be used to provide a random bounce while retaining the round shape.