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Screen cleaning balls

Balls for continuous screening without interruptions.
Products with outstanding wear resistance, active cleaning and deblinding.
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Smooth polyurethane hoses (PU-hoses)

Durable elastic and smooth Pu-hoses for foodstuff
Product description

These Arubis Smooth Polyurethane Hoses provide greater tear and abrasion resistance than natural rubber with only 1mm thickness. They are FDA, EEC 1935/2006 and can be used in food, pharma and agrocultural industry. These PU-hoses have absolutely no smell nor taste and are easy to clean thanks to their flexible design.

  • Flexible and Airtight
  • FDA approved
  • Abrasion and tear resistant
Durable and strong design and easy to use

These extremely abrasion resistant PU-hoses are resistant to mechanical loads, stresses and vibrations. The Arubis PU-hoses are smooth on the inside and are designed without spiral wire with a wall thickness of 1mm.

Operating conditions of a PU-hose

Operating temperature range is -40° C to 90° C and can resist temperature spikes up to 125° C.

Food grade certified

Arubis smooth Poly Urethane Hoses are compliant with FDA and EEC 2004/26. Commonly used for transporting granulates and other foodstuff.

Large range of available diameters and sizes

The smooth hoses in Polyurethane are available in standard characteristics (see below) but can be ordered in these diameters: 80/85, 85/90, 100/105, 110/115, 120/125, 150/155, 155/160, 165/170, 180/185, 200/205, 205/210, 250/255, 275/280, 305/310, 405/410, 450/455.

Suitable for
  • Hoppers and Screeners
  • Dispensers
  • Compensators
  • Bulk transport
Standard characteristics
Article Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Hardness (kg/m3) Max. Temperature Rubbertype Color FDA
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