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Screen cleaning balls

Balls for continuous screening without interruptions.
Products with outstanding wear resistance, active cleaning and deblinding.
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Deblinding sliders for sifting

Sliders for sifting in nylon and polyurethane.
Product description

These deblinding sliders are commonly produced in nylon and polyurethane, but can be built on demand in any quality for your specific application.

  • FDA approved
  • Scrape the screen surface
  • Custom sizes on demand
Alternative to rubber balls in sifting

Nylon sliders for sifting are commonly used as an alternative to rubber balls in the sifting industry. These deblinding sliders in nylon slide over the sifting equipment and are designed for scraping the surface of sifts and sieves screens.

Various sizes

These Arubis screen cleaning sliders have standard characteristics (see below), but can be produced in multiple sizes and diameters, based on your personal demand.

Suitable for
  • Gyratory screeners
  • Vibratory screeners
  • Pressurized screeners
Standard characteristics
Arubis RefDimensions (mm)Quality
ASL332616PAdia 33 x dia 26 x h 16nylon
ASL383216PAdia 38 x dia 32 x h 16nylon
ASL625624PAdia 62 x dia 56 x h 24nylon
ASL645826PAdia 64 x dia 58 x h 26nylon
ASL332616PU85-90 dia 33 x dia 26 x h 16polyurethane
ASL383216PU85-90 dia 38 x dia 32 x h 16polyurethane
ASL625624PU85-90 dia 62 x dia 56 x h 24polyurethane
ASL645826PU85-90 dia 64x dia58 x h 26polyurethane

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Available qualities