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Your partner for rubber and plastic spare parts for the sifting industry.

Screen cleaning balls

Balls for continuous screening without interruptions.
Products with outstanding wear resistance, active cleaning and deblinding.
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Sliders in Nylon

Deblinding sliders for sifting

Sliders for sifting in nylon and polyurethane.
Magnetic metal detectable balls in Natural Rubber

Metal detectable balls in Natural Rubber

Balls with additives for metal detecting equipement.
Metal detectable balls in PU

Metal detectable balls in PU and Silicone

Balls with additives for metal detecting equipement.

Molded corrugated sleeves Rotex®

Sleeves developed for ROTEX® gyratory and vibratory equipment.
Arubis Rotex sleeves

Molded corrugated sleeves Sweco®

Sleeves developed for SWECO® gyratory and vibratory equipment.
Plugtite Industrial rubber maintenance plugs

Plugtite rubber maintenance plugs

The new generation of service and maintenance plugs.
Plugtite rubber nozzle adaptor

Plugtite rubber nozzle adaptors

A range of adaptors for use with air-guns
Sleeves in V

Profiles and edge protectors

Profiles for protecting fragile edges.
Arubis smooth polyurethane hoses

Smooth polyurethane hoses (PU-hoses)

Durable elastic and smooth Pu-hoses for foodstuff

T-Bolt Clamps

Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps used in various industry types to create a very tight fit between flexible ...
Weighing bellows

Weighing bellows

Weighing bellows for weighing, mixing and filtering machines in the food industry.
Screen cleaning balls

Screen cleaning balls for sifting

Balls created for the continuous cleaning of sieves without interruptions.
Arubis metal detectable balls

Detectable balls with metal insert

Balls with a small detectable metal ball in the inside.
Sponge balls for cleaning cement pipes

Sponge Balls for cleaning cement pipes

Balls in naturel latex foam to clean pipes in the food and cement industry.
Special rubber balls by Arubis

Special balls

These special balls have an egg form and bounce at random.
Parallellepipidum balls

Parallellepipidum balls

Balls in an unusual parallellepipidum shape for the sifting industry.
On demand arubis

On demand

Balls in naturel latex foam. Used for cleaning pipes food and cleaning pipes cement industry.